Olimpic Sails - XS    
The EXTRA-SMALL sail has been designed for very light sailors. It is very flat and simple to use. Light sailors will be able to reach high performances in terms of speed and angle also in strong wind.
XS Sails for Sailor up to 34 kg
Olimpic Sails - S    
This model represents a radical change compared to the previous ones. The new design based on a different geometry leads to a more powerful sail on the top, open and easy to trim. The simplicity in its trimming allows to have high speed and performances. We suggest it for light/medium sailors from 35 kg up to 41 kg (77 up to 90 lbs).
S Sails for Sailor from 35 to 41 Kg
Olimpic Sails - M    
This model has been developed for medium weight sailors between 38 kg and 44 kg (85-100 lbs). Working on a rotation of the geometry the sail results more open on the top and therefore easy to use, with high performances and no need for meticulous trimming. Taking advantage of this sail's potential our testers certified that it's possible to sail closer to the wind without losing speed.
M Sails for Sailor from 38 to 44 Kg
Olimpic Sails - L    
This new model is designed for sailors over 45 kg (100 lbs). Despite being the most powerful among the new models, coming from a change in their geometry, it is still easy to open on the top and to trim also in light wind conditions without losing its power.
L Sails for Sailor more than 45 Kg